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Cable Labels

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Cable Labels

Do you recognize that bunch cables of wich

you don't know where it is attached to?

Grant yourself 5 minutes to label your cables. 10 pcs.


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6,95 €

5 quantities

Set of 10 vinyl Cable Labels (5 x2 pieces - the beginning/end of the cable), with a white or black print (single / double)

 Fast and easy to apply  

 Long lasting, strong, waterproof and UV resistant 

 Super sticky, does not tear off or becomes discolored

 Size: approx 75 x 12 mm 

 Maximum number of characters per line: 20

Note: 'Duplicate text per label' will be double printed. After folding the label the text is visible on both sides. If necessary the text size will be reduced.

! When you choose a Black Label, then the text is white and vice versa.

 "Think, Create and Recognize"


By nele V on 2017-08-21
Title: Duidelijkheid
Aan elke kant van de kabel een label. Had ik ze maar eerder ontdekt. Eindelijk duidelijk welke kabel, waar zit.
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