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wouldn't exist when we didn't serve tens of thousands happy customers worldwide. We are a Dutch firm, specialized in personalized adhesive name labelstextile labels and bag tags with the idea to mark valuable items in such a way that they are no longer being lost. Because personalized items are recognizable for everyone and thus they come back home. It does not only save time and money, but it is also fun making your own design. After all, it is not our product but the customer's design that makes name labelling fun.

A label for everything


'We thought it would be practical to mark all sorts of things with better ideas, with the best weather-resistant materials which we have carefully selected with specialists, at an excellent price.'


We produce our personalized solutions under our own management at very affordable prices and follow the highest quality standards that can be set for a very practical purpose. 

Our products have been tested extensively to ensure that they meet our top 4 priorities:

1. user-friendly
2. practical and childproof
3. originality without advertising on your labels
4. above all that it works!


"Design your Own Brand!"

Please take a look around at our ever increasing label range for children, adults, the Elderly (Aged Care) and small business. Whether it's the first day of childcare, primary or secondary school, (holiday) camp, sports association, around the house, or moving to a nursing home ..... There’s sure to be a label for everyone!

Is your desired label not yet included, or do you want to use your own icon or font? That too is often possible. A unique piece of customer care, which you will not find at any other supplier. This gives us the most extensive and most varied range. Every design is unique and of your own. That's why we do not print our company name on your labels.

We are always doing our best to ensure you are completely satisfied, so give LABEL&CO a try today!


Thank you so much already, on behalf of team LABEL&CO.

LABEL&CO and Kika 

PS: We actively support KiKa (Child Cancer Foundation) with every sale, without any additional costs.

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LABEL&CO = buy Safe

Features of our Name Tags 

✔ Available in many colors and sizes

✔ No use of toxic ink

✔ Material will not discolor and is weather (UV) resistant

✔ Our company name is not on your labels

✔ Our quality is the best available for your purpose

✔ Adhesive labels are also dishwasher, freezer and microwave proof

✔ Iron nons labels are washing machine and (limited) dryer resistant


As a customer, you are the judge of our quality. You can count on us making the best product possible. If an extra manual intervention is needed for an optimal result, we will do that freely for you. 

LABEL&CO = secure


Our committed team ensures that your orders are shipped as fastest. 

We have a no-nonsense policy, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

For any question, please call +31 (0)33 480 35 76 or use our contactform.