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    Super Name Labels Uni

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    Wat een leuke Kika sleutelhanger zat er bij mijn labels. Grappig dat ik dus eigenlijk ook het goede doel heb gesteund, zonder dat ik het wist. De labels waren helemaal goed.

Activities and specials of LABEL&CO

KiKa (the Dutch Foundation for Children with Cancer)

LABEL&CO actively sponsors KiKa and helps the children, who are less fortunate, in their fight against cancer. By purchasing our labels, you make a contribution to the welfare of these young patients. Want to help? www.kika.nl  


LABEL&CO has a raffle of Kika silicone bracelets and card coins, or some additional labels. From the latest order of a week you are automatically involved as a lottery member. The draw will be conducted at random. This means that we have no influence. Questions about this keychain action by e-mail, service@labelandco.com.

* This promotion is valid while KiKa supplies last.

Note: These Kika actions are not legally binding. Yields goes to the KiKa charity and her little patients. 

Baby showers

Make them even more fun with our special Baptism Sugar Labels: unique & personal!


  LABEL&CO maakt het leuker


A Gift?

At LABEL&CO a gift is really a gift. For a minimum contribution we make a specific attention and apply the packaging on the occasion. Well, that's only possible at LABEL&CO.


Een Label & Co cadeau is een echt cadeau


More of LABEL&CO

On our textile application website fabrictag.com or jumbolabels.com you will find our extensive range of textile labels.

Pssst ... Are you a new customer? You don't have a voucher? LABEL&CO often uses vouchers and other coupons. Just ask for it. Due to several actions, there may be some vouchers available.