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Thanks to our labels, not only children can recognize their own belongings, but it is also clear to everyone else who is the owner and it is therefore easy for to get them back.

Do the self-adhesive labels stick to any surface?

The self-adhesive vinyl labels stick to any clean, dry, smooth, non-greasy surface. On a slightly unequal surface, the labels might not attach as well. The shoe labels stick best to clean, smooth and flat surfaces.

The self-adhesive vinyl labels stick to any clean, dry, smooth, non-greasy surface. On a slightly unequal surface, the labels might not attach as well. The shoe labels stick best to clean, smooth and flat surfaces.

Do the iron-on labels attach to any fabric?

The iron-on labels attach to cotton, cotton/polyester and polyester/acrylic, but are not suitable for spandex, rough surfaces or fabrics with dirt resistant or water-repellent coating.

Please note that not every fabric can handle the required maximum high temperatures of the iron. Always read the fabric label first or test out an iron-on label on a small hidden part of the fabric.

How will my labels look like?

Normally, the label is produced as the preview. When the label preview is not available, the layout will look like the example image. Initially we will choose for the best option. Only in exceptional cases we will discuss with you in advance. 

It is possible that the colors of the site examples are not entirely identical to the final label result.

Note: If you want an exact repeat order in terms of layout, please indicate this when completing your new order, in the 'Comments' box, stating the relevant order number.

Can I use my own icon?

Yes, besides our icons, it is often possible to use your own icon. For example, if the school assigns your child one. There is sometimes a surcharge, depending on the amount of work, but often it is all free. Feel free to get in touch with service@labelandco.com, so we can discuss the possibilities.

What if I don't need as many labels?

Normally, it is not possible to order less than the proposed quantity of labels. Due to technical reasons, we need to produce a fixed amount of labels every time.

Can I give the labels as a gift?

At LABEL&CO, a gift is really a gift. For a small contribution, we will pay specific attention to the packing of the labels and ship the labels to any address. You can even attach a personal message to your gift!

Please note: Have you ordered several articles and only one of those is a gift? Then, unfortunately, it is not possible to send the gift to another address.

Are prices including VAT and shipping costs?

Prices are definitely inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of delivery charges; since delivery charges depend on the distance and the size of the delivery.

As of July 01, 2021. For countries within the European Union.
LABEL&CO shows in its shop with its products, the Dutch VAT rate, but that rate is automatically recalculated at checkout to 
the customer with the billing address, in that country, with the applicable rate.

Is it useful to create a customer account?

Yes, opening an account (client card) is very convenient. You give us the shipping address and your e-mail address for the confirmation. You have a direct overview of all your activities, orders and messages.

Of course LABEL&CO will not use your details in any other way than what you have indicated on your client card. Furthermore, no financial information will be saved on your client card.

Do I pay safely too?

LABEL&CO is a controlled and accredited organization of Paypal (Ebay) and Multisafepay. They incorporate your payment using the highest security possible (SSL). You can also transfer payments themselves or through the Rabobank Multisafepay or use credit cards. With us every purchase is insured!

Can I order other products after I have placed the order?

Unfortunately it is not possible to add products to an order after this has been placed. If you wish to order something else, please place another order.

There is an error on the label. What to do?

If we made a mistake during the production, we will of course replace the labels. If you made the mistake yourself, then we cannot take the responsibility for that. However, you can place another order if you want to.

What if my goods are damaged?

LABEL&CO is not responsible for damages to clothes or other items as a result from using the labels. You are strongly advised to read and follow the instructions of our labels carefully.

Is your question not here?

Please send it to service@labelandco.com. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. You can also send us a message from your own account.

Tips for good marking

A large number of our name stickers and iron-on labels have a second text line to add your phone number or e-mail adress. The retrieval of your (kids) stuff will go much easier. The finder of them can easily contact you.

Our Stick-on Vinyl Name Labels and Stickers can be applied anywhere and are also dishwasher, microwave safe and UV resistant. They stick on baby items, feeding bottles, lunch boxes, cups, toys, sport equipment, (sport) shoes, school items, books, calculators, pens, cases and office items. But they also stick on MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, game boys and other games, computers, laptops, notebooks, memory sticks, GSMs, mobile phones, chargers, glasses cases, toiletries, camping and caravan equipment and any other item that leaves the house!

With our machine washable and tumble dryer safe Iron-on Labels and Iron on / Add on Name Labels you can personalise your T-shirts, jumpers, baby bodysuits, trousers, jackets, bags, baby clothes, (beach) towels and tea towels, bibs, sleeping bags, washing bags, uniforms, linen and bed linen, cuddly toys and handkerchiefs... Basically on anything that you don't want to lose!

Did you know you can drag the Label Preview box with your mouse where you want it to be? Accessible on all computing platforms: The websites of LABEL&CO are accessible on all platforms, so using your I-Pad, I-Pod and I-Phone, Android and Windows, browse it with all functionality. That's typical LABEL&CO.

And remember: "Design your own brand!" 


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