Durable materials

Ad-free labels

Own production, fast shipping

Free delivery from € 25


 LABEL&CO only uses A-Brand, but mainly sustainable materials

Own production on eco-machines

✔ No toxic inks, so childproof

 A very wide range of products for a sharp price

 Choose from many different fonts, icons and print colors

 Sets in one color, or multi-color sets at no additional cost

 Sliding scale discounts for multiple items

 All year round additional offers

 Our company name is not printed on your labels

 We manufacture our own products

 Tailor-made options are always possible

 Use your own icons

 Lowest handling and shipping fees

 Excellent service with a 100% customer satisfaction

 Extensive customer service by email, Skype and phone.

 Multiple shipping addresses in one customer account

 Worldwide delivery with a wide range of payment methods for every country

 Guaranteed privacy with accredited European banks and payment providers

 You can place orders via our websites labelenco.com and fabrictag.com 

 Always accessable on PC, Mobile Windows, Linux, Apple and Android

 Each order has a contribution for KiKa - the Dutch Fund Against Children Cancer

LABEL&CO does not place advertising on your labels (as colleagues do!)We do not print any advertising on your labels