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    Polyamide Sew In Labels

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    Ich finde die Etiketten super, habe sie zuerst nur für unsere Kinder bestellt aber nun auch für meine Waren zum verkauf.

Property Labels

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Property Labels

Personalized property labels, for

a perfect overview of your stuff. 40 pcs.

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19,95 €

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Set of 40 beautiful Proprietary labels uni / variegated, as example

 Easy to apply on a flat surface

 UV resistant, indoor and outdoor use, doesn't fade*
  * Optional extra strength adhesive for extra hard to remove (additional charge)

 Size: 25 x 50 mm

 Maximum number of characters per line: 24 per line

 Layout is similar to image

 Barcode via prior agreement

CUSTUM MADE  or 'extra strength'? Please contact us in advance!

"Bedenk, Maak en Herken'

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