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Overlay Shoe Labels

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Overlay Shoe Labels

Our 'Low Budget' shoe solution: 20 transparent labels that you stick over our name stickers, which protect them against friction and sweaty feet. Simple, but practical.

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4,45 €

Overlay Shoe Labels, per set of 20 transparent protective coating, for 10 pairs of shoes, using over existing namelabels.

 They stick easily and quickly on smooth, dry surfaces

 To be applied on top of our Small (20x50 mm) or Large (20x75 mm) Name Labels

★ In the heel of your shoe a clearly identification

 Size: app. 25 x 60 or app. 25 x 80 mm

By Inge B on 2018-04-16
Title: Aanrader
Makkelijk in gebruik, plakken onmiddellijk in de schoen en lossen niet. Wij zijn zeer tevreden met het product
By Paola S on 2017-11-21
Title: lo recomiendo
muy bien, quedan totalmente pegadas
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