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    Zeer snelle levering en nog bedankt voor jullie alertheid dat ik mijn adresgegevens niet compleet waren. Ik was per abuis mijn huisnummer vergeten en dan had ik lang op mijn strijklabels kunnen wachten vrees ik. Dus nogmaals bedankt! An Vanderstaeten, Gent (België).


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Easy to apply, clear and accurate recognizable.

They are of special material, do not discolor,

are UV and waterproof and can withstand

significant abuse but also do not leave

adhesive residue after removing! 30 pcs.

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9,95 €

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Set of 30 small white vinyl Labels CAT5/6 (6x 5 pcs), with colored imprint

 Quick and easy to apply on a flat surface

 UV proof, waterproof, tear resistant and do not leave adhisive residue on removal

 Size: 05 x 50 mm, adaption possible (small add up fee)

 Maximum number of characters: 20


Attention please! Photo is illustrative. Everyone has their own ideas about the layout of labels.

 "Think, Create and Recognize"

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