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    We hebben ze gemakkelijk in alle sportshirts verwerkt. Hebben we omwille van haast label en co gebeld en in 1 dag hadden we een nieuwe set op rekening. Dat schept nu vertrouwen. Super service, meer kan ik er niet van maken.

Hockey stick labels Transparent

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Hockey stick labels Transparent

Mark instead of lose! Also handy on shin guards and dental / mouth guard-storage boxes.

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Also handy on shin guards and dental / mouth guard-storage boxes.


20 Hockeystick shaft Labels, transparent with uni print - as if it is printed on the stick!

 They stick easily and quickly on the handle of your hockey stick

★ Special design

 Clearly identifiable with your name, number, e-mailadress or clubnr

 Bright colors, also great for juniors

 Size: approx 20 x 47 mm

 Maximum number of characters per line: 16

 We print unlike other providers, not our company name on your labels

 Layout is similar to image

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