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    Small Name Labels Vario. 5 Color set!

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    Deze website is erg gebruiksvriendelijk en de labels doen precies wat ze moeten doen. Ook de afhandeling en op de hoogte houden van bestellen, het maken van de stickers en versturen is uitstekend.

Hockey stick labels White

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Hockey stick labels White

Nothing is more annoying than lose your hockey stick and your other sports equipment. With your own brand, you avoid this.

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8,25 €

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Also handy on shin guards and dental / mouth guard-storage boxes.


20 Hockeystick shaft Labels, white with uni print

 They stick easily and quickly on the handle of your hockey stick

★ Special design

 Clearly identifiable with your name, number, e-mailadress or clubnr

 Bright colors, also great for juniors

 Size: approx 20 x 47 mm

 Maximum number of characters per line: 16

 We print unlike other providers, not our company name on your labels

 Layout is similar to image

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