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    Small Label Trio Girls

    5 / 5


    Dochter is heel blij dat ze de stickers in verschillende kleuren heeft. En het is heel fijn dat er geen merk op staat !!! Veel keus in lettertypes. We zijn supertevreden van Label&co zoals altijd.

Monitoring stickers

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Monitoring stickers

Give your customers a sense of security.

Stickers are scratch-resistant and water- and

UV proof! (6 pcs)

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17,95 €

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6 Security stickers with imprint as in the article example

 Easy to apply on a flat surface

 Black print with red frame on white or transparent (window) vinyl

 Resistant to window washing, heat curtain, freezing cold and UV light

★ Clearly recognizable

 Size: 60x150 mm


"Think, Create and Recognize"


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