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    Pacifier Labels 'bibi'

    5 / 5


    machtig handige labels. ik heb ze getest en zelfs met uitkoken blijven ze goed zitten. ik heb een kortingskaartje via de KDV kids en co gekregen. prima tip. groetjes mar.

Camera surveillance Labels L.

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Camera surveillance Labels L.

Show clearly that there is CCTV.
Stickers are scratch-resistant
and Weather- and UV proof! 6 pcs.

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11,75 €

3 quantities

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Set of 6 Camera Security Stickers, transparent or white, with print such as preview

 Easy to apply on a flat surface

 Window washing/safe, heat curtain, frost and UV resistant

★ Clearly recognition

 Size: 40x150 mm


"Think, Create and Recognize"


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